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Reserve your FREE Bladeless LASIK evaluation.

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Voted “Best of Berks” six years in a row!

Reserve your FREE Bladeless LASIK evaluation.

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100% financing available with no money down.

Financing is available through Discovery Federal Credit Union.

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“I couldn’t have been
more pleased. Obviously
knowledgable, friendly
and instructive...”

Financing is available through Discovery Federal Credit Union.

Schedule your FREE LASIK evaluation:

Trust the experts.

Insist on Bladeless Custom LASIK and the experienced, Corneal Fellowship-Trained doctors at Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania — Drs. Adam Altman, Jonathan Primack and Kevin Shah.


"The results of my surgery are nothing short of amazing. It has truly changed my life."


Thinking about LASIK? Watch what our patients have to say.

Learn more about LASIK

We’re committed to patient education. Get more information about LASIK including diagnoses and treatment options.

We make LASIK affordable.

If you thought that LASIK was expensive, think again.

Where you get your LASIK matters. Some LASIK providers use old technology, a blade and a single laser. Others aren’t Corneal Fellowship Trained. It makes a difference.

Here, our goal is to make the latest technology, Bladeless Custom LASIK, affordable for every patient.

That’s why we have teamed with Discovery Federal Credit Union to create financing options for our patients, featuring flexible financing and low monthly payments.* We also accept some insurance discounts, so be sure to ask about those.

The bottom line: Your LASIK deserves the benefits of the latest Bladeless Custom LASIK technology, and the Cornea Fellowship Trained LASIK experts at Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania — with financing options that make LASIK affordable for every patient. Apply now.

*Note: Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania provides only a referral to Discovery Federal Credit Union for financing. We have no role in the evaluation of creditworthiness or loan processing. The entire financial relationship is between the applicant and Discovery Federal Credit Union.


All LASIK surgery is not the same. To learn more about LASIK, Bladeless Custom LASIK, PRK and all of your options, call 610-378-8500 to arrange for your FREE Bladeless Custom LASIK evaluation.

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